LED Display

There are a number of different modes… those I have thought of so far as listed¬†and some I’ve not devised yet! So I will use the up & down buttons on the PS3 controller to increment & decrement a value for selecting the modes and a 7 segment LED digit to display. The modes are:

0: all off
1: normal front steer
2: crab steer
3: opposite steer
4: free front & rear steer
5: rear steer
6: servo test with no drive
7 & 8: not used

The dot on the display is used to show at a glance when the drive is active & so is on for modes 1..5.

As I already have Adafruit’s 16-channel 12-bit PWM module & its stated as also being able to drive LEDs, I’ll use this to drive the display. The display is connected to channels 4..11. When a segment of the display is required it will be set to 100% using a value of 4096 (or off with a value of 0).

add LED wiring details and photo


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