Raspberry Pi Vehicle

The Project is to use a Raspberry Pi to control a RC Car as an autonomous vehicle and at the same time learn more about the RPi and coding with Python… sounds easy but I may have bitten off more than I can chew!

The car, speed controller, motors & other bits were purchased second-hand sometime ago from eBay (as all the best projects start!) & the RPi has sat on the desk for a while doing nothing.  All the parts will be detailed in the posts but in brief:

  • The main body chassis is a Gmade G1 – this should be good as:
    • it’s robust
    • stable & slow(ish) moving
    • large enough to take any amount of electronics and sensors
    • simple engineering that should be easy to fix when I break things
  • The speed controller and motors are Novak M2 Dig and Terra Claw. This has a built-in 5V output that can be used to power the servos.
  • The RPi is a B+ model running whatever is the latest distribution of the operating system.
  • For initial trials and a means of control a PS3 controller and Bluetooth receiver are used.
  • Adafruit’s 16-channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver is used to control the servos & speed controller
  • Ideas for the future (in no particular order):
    • GPS
    • compass
    • collision avoidance
    • battery voltage monitoring to protect the LiPo cells

How this was all connected and details of the project as it progresses will be detailed in the posts. My hope in documenting the process is so others will have an easier course in making it all work together.

Details of the G1 from when it was still available


Details of the ESC & motors